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The Art of Eating Health Food Store has been in business since it launched in 2006. We welcome you to try our selection of organic whole and fresh foods made every day.

Let natural food be your medicine. We only live once, what you eat and the way you eat is vital to living a long healthy life. The benefits of good wholesome food on the body and mind are astonishing. Only the right food can support your healthy living. Our eating styles need to be carefully designed for each body's individual.

We are proud supporters of Indepedent Irish Health Foods Ltd. and share their goal in making Irish people healthier and happier.

We also cater to Vegetarians, Vegan and Raw Foodists including specially made Sushi while you wait. Every day miso soup is served, bio organic coffee, speciality teas, cookies, fruits, biscuits, salads and sandwiches. Our substantial gluten-free section is available for anyone with sensitivities. Soya foods such as milks, tofu and beans are also in store.

As well as our organic supply of food and special needs foods there is also our daily counter, which supplies homemade fresh food everyday. 90% of all our fresh food is Wheat and Gluten-Free - packed full of antioxidants and restorative proteins. Whether it is made to order sushi, salads or a quick shot of wheatgrass to increase your energy levels. All of our dishes are nutritious and delicious.

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