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Wenmi Serving Healthy Food


My name is Wenmi and this is my little shop!

I am originally from China but I moved to Ireland from London in 1997. My ambition was to set up a centre for health where I could use my medical background to help people get healthy and enjoy their lives! I love to discuss healthy living with people and showing them how a few simple changes can make such a difference gives me so much joy.

After Working with my patients in the Herbal Clinic it became clear that the root cause of many of their illnesses was a poor diet. What many people needed wasn't pills or prescriptions but rather more organic fruits and vegetables and to rethink what they choose to put into their bodies. Thus I decided to set up the Art of Eating Health Food Store in October 2006 which has since blossomed in it's own right.

With so much 'E' foods in our hectic lifestyles, it is all the more important to try and bring a little stability back into our lives. A healthy diet and lifestyle has been proven to stop the onset of diseases like cancer and even help in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from serious illnesses.

Art of Eating takes pride in providing an excellent service to all our customers.

We operate long opening hours for all our customers needs and we are open till late as well as on Saturdays.

As well as the myriad of items available for your store cupboard, our daily counter serves homemade salads and dishes daily for people looking for a tasty, low-fat lunch made with organic ingredients. Not forgetting our made to order sushi - maki rolls with tuna, prawns, salmon as well our vegetarian sushi.

I also love to help people as a life-coach through my background in medicine. The key to healthy living is feeling like you are healthy. You have to want to be healthy, and the first step is a healthy diet.

When I first moved to Dun Laoghaire, it was difficult to find healthy, organic foods which I wanted to eat myself. When I set up Art of Eating in 2006 I wanted to provide people with this service. Whether they were Vegetarian, Vegans, Raw Foodists it didn't matter. I believe everyone deserves tasty, nutritious food regardless of what food they choose to eat.

We stock all manner of beans and pulses as well as organic grains. Cold-pressed, extra-virgin oils are also available like olive, sesame, avocado and our local favourite, coconut oil - great for cooking and contains great moisturizing compounds for your skin. Artisan breads made by Tibo The Baker are delivered fresh to our store everyday.

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